03b Re-order?


There was speculation lately that 03b might be on the verge of ordering more satellites and that this is significant.  Well it is, but not in the way analysts think.

The system is designed to be fully-operational with 12 satellites.  The first four failed in orbit and a total loss insurance claim has been made.  The satellites were only designed to last up to ten years anyway.

When that insurance claim has been received it would seem the choices are either:

1. Bank the money, thanks and consign the business plan to termination when the others run out of life in 4-5 years time.
2. Buy another four to at least keep it fully operational until end of life.

Buying and fully committing to and funding 12 new satellites to make sure the system persists even if there are more failures and no later than end of life would be a bold statement of confidence that the business plan is working.


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