2015 share tips from The Telegraph


Telegraph journalists highlight organisations in the best position to overcome the odds and provide a healthy ROI for investors in the coming year. Christopher Williams’ selection is Avanti, stating that:

Former Diageo CEO Paul Walsh’s appointment in February to chairman of Avanti provides good grounds for believing that the company can develop better performance levels closer to expectations of the City. Extra credibility was gained recently when Andy Green, former BT stalwart and Logica Chief Executive was handed a non-executive appointment. Hedge funds and larger institutions have dumped their shorter term strategies in recent times, adding fuel to the fire that a notable rise in the company’s share price is imminent. Avanti currently trades at discounted rates compared to their satellite operator competition and has positioned itself strongly to develop its growth in Africa. The company has entered into discussions with Facebook about the possibility of internet service provisions in remote areas and the company’s infrastructure has better potential than their competitors to be utilised by telecom service providers looking to expand throughout the Continent.


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