Afrikanet Gearing up for Boom in Ka-band Broadband


Afrikanet, the African market ISP (Internet Service Provider) is expecting an increase in turnover as further Ka-Band HTS (High Throughout Satellites) launch over its main market. The organisation, which was established in 1999 as a last-mile connection provider began providing satellite broadband in the year 2005. Currently awaiting the launch of several new satellites, the organisation plans a drive into the residential sector where the cost of satellite broadband has been prohibitive previously.
Afrikanet’s CEO, Casimir Berthier Fotso Chatue told us: “We recently started successful Ka-band testing. We are starting to target East Africa, but our next phase is preparing for 2016-2017 when big players like Avanti and Yahsat will launch high throughput satellites. Each is launching one or two big satellites to cover West Africa. That’s when we are going to really capitalize and bring satellite broadband to different households and directly target growing middle class African end users in mass markets.”


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