Arsat-2 and Sky Muster Satellites Launched by Arianespace


Arianespace, the satellite launching organisation based in Europe has confirmed a successful launching of the Ariat-2 and Sky Muster satellites from French Guiana on board an Ariane 5 space vehicle. SSL (Space Systems/Loral) built Sky Muster, the high capacity satellite originally labelled NBN Co 1A. It is intended to provide a broadband service to over 200k remote and rural users in Australia covering the country in its entirety, including Cocos islands, Macquarie, Christmas and Norfolk.
In the meantime Invap of Argentina is the sole developer of Arsat-2 which is the middle of three satellites which are geostationary and intended to enhance the capacity of the country’s communications network, guaranteeing a similar quality level of connectivity throughout all regions of the country. Arianespace made a successful orbit of Arsat-1 – the initial relay platform – through a flight made by an Ariane 5 rocket in October 2014.


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