Broadband Wifi for Chinese Eastern Airlines


For the first time in China, China Eastern Airlines (CEA) has opened up its new broadband connected flight service.

The service is adapted to China’s specific system requirements and is installed in 27 Airbus A330’s. Passengers can surf the net with a fast connection while cruising at 35k feet. The eXConnect system from Panasonic and the satellite service provided by China Telecom will also feature in 20 B777s and six B767s.

The initial routes will be between Beijing and Shanghai on a probationary basis until the service has been fully monitored and approved by the Chinese government.

A CEA spokesman said, “Along with Panasonic Avionics and China Telecom Satellite we are all thrilled to be providing this exciting service. This will be a significant landmark for China and we keenly anticipate our customers’ entertainment and productivity during their flights.”
The president of China Telecom Satellite, Lv Junli stated, “This is indeed a great day for the airline industry of China, we remain positive that connectivity to China through broadband will be greatly improved.

The CEO and President of Panasonic Avionics stated: “We have worked with CEA and CTS for many years to bring the next stage of in-flight entertainment in China. We are delighted to introduce in-flight internet services to the market.”

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Since 1979 PAC, a US company based in California, has provided in-flight entertainment and communication packages, becoming the world leader in the market, with their systems installed on some 3.7k aircraft.

China Telecom Satellite Communications Limited

CTSCL are specialists in the operation of satellite-based communication systems, acting as a center for resources, product integration and pro support for China Telecom, their parent company. They operate mainly in Satellite mobile and VSAT communications; broadband services via satellite and international private lines.


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