Central 5G role clamed by Touré of the ITU


The ITU’s Sectretary-General Hamadan Touré recently stated that “work was already well underway” to achieve the objective of assuming a key role in standardising and defining 5G. “ITU and the ICT industry have recognised the relationship between IMT and 5G”, he continued, saying that a broader scope of stakeholders will continue to be involved by IMT to finalise 5G requirements similar to the respective processes effected for 3G and 4G.

Touré’s statements were transmitted through a video link up to the London-based ‘5G Huddle’ event held by techUK and the WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum), a worldwide community dedicated to wireless research. He has expectations of a similar sort of transparent and open cooperation continuing with respect to 5G to “establish criteria for IMT 2020 and beyond” He anticipates finalisation of all objectives and frameworks of the future development of IMT by 2015


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