Customers of U.S. Government receive ‘Line-of-Sight’ via satellite from Inmarsat’s L-TAC


Inmarsat is going to expand the provision of tactical mobile BLOS (Beyond-Line-of-Sight) communication services to U.S. and coalition military forces on active duty through its partner skills and the advanced technology of its robust Inmarsat-4 satellite system. L-TAC (L-band Tactical Satellite) provided by the company distributes a high resilience “UHF (Ultra High Frequency)-like” strategic satellite ability to commercial and military radios currently in use by the US government. L-TAC utilises the notable spectral resource of the Inmarsat-4 system for a seamless augmentation of UHF capacities on satellites run by the military. It provides a full enablement of SATCOM that interoperates, utilising current waveforms, cryptography and radios.


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