Enhanced Maritime Product Roadmap Announced by Inmarsat.


An enhanced maritime product roadmap has been announced by Inmarsat which comprises of two innovative services with a design specifically suited for the GX (Global Xpress) network operated by Inmarsat. The services are FleetBroadband Xtra and Fleet Xpress.

Primarily a hybrid facility, Fleet Xpress is earmarked for operation over the Ka-Band network operated by Global Xpress and includes a back-up service of FleetBroadband, the L-Band service provided by Inmarsat, which will provide an enhanced connectivity service for maritime customers globally. The service can be accessed at the commencement of world commercial service by GX in the third quarter of 2015. Inmarsat will manage the FleetXpress service, selling it via the business’s VARs (Value Added Resellers).


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