Europasat’s Broadband Expansion Fuelled by Acquisitions


Europasat, the SISP (Satellite Internet Service Provider) is currently closing out a group of European acquisitions in order for expansion throughout the continent. Last year the organisation, based in the UK managed to raise approximately $8.3 million (7.5 million Euros) fur the purpose of purchasing existing ISPs. The initial purchase will soon be completed it was announced by Europasat’s chief technology officer Simon Clifton.

Europasat was listed on the London Stock Exchange last May. The organisation itself was acquired by Cleeve Capital, trading as SSW (Satellite Solutions Worldwide) and uses the Europasat branding to provide broadband services. Europasat meanwhile is engaging in its acquisition mission, fuelled by the goal of acquiring customers in new sectors and also establishing a pre-existing presence that it did not have previously.


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