“Eutelsat Quantum” – Classed Satellite with Software Definition is Breaking New Ground for Eutelsat


A programme has been announced by Eutelsat for a bar-raising service delivery that breaks new ground as it enables its customers with interactivity when defining the satellite flexibility and performance they require. The “Eutelsat Quantum” class of satellites is defined by software and they are an innovation setting new levels of service in configurability, frequency, power, bandwidth and coverage for operators in the sectors of data markets, mobility and government.

The core technology integration into the design of the “Eutelsat Quantum” development will receive support from the ESA after it has been approved by its council on 2 December of the new schedule within the boundaries of a Private/Public agreement with Eutelsat. The initial satellite scheduled for launch in 2018 will be manufactured and primed in the UK by ADS (Airbus Defense and Space) utilising its ground-breaking technology for flexible payloads plus the newly introduced platform of SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.), its affiliate. The two development projects will receive support from the UK Space Agency.


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