Heavy-lift Ariane 5 by receives DIRECTV-15 for Arianespace’s May flight


The Spaceport is maintaining the pace of its mission supporting the year’s launch schedule of Arianespace by delivering the first payload to French Guiana for the next heavy-lift mission of Ariane 5. A chartered airborne freight carrier, Antonov An-124 delivered DIRECTV-15 to French Guiana landing near the country’s capital, Cayenne at the Félix Eboué Airport.

The broadcasting relay satellite, shipped in a 14-metre container was unpacked and transported by road vehicle to the space port, and is now being prepared for checkout prior to launching in the S5 payload administration block. The space vehicle will be the second passenger on board May’s heavy-lift mission by Arianespace, coded VA223 by the organisation’s system.


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