High-Flying Future for Arianespace


A report from SatNews says that Arianespace is looking confidently forward to becoming the launch service market leader after its record-breaking year of successful missions in 2014. Stéphane Israël, Arianespace’s CEO and Chairman addressed reporters in Paris during the organisation’s annual New Year press conference, highlighting Arianespace’s successful delivery track record for customers during 2014, and the schedule is set to continue throughout 2015 with an intense series of launches.

Israël underlined the fact that Arianespace was a major contributor to the framework preparation of Europe’s selection of Ariane 6 to supersede its tried and tested Ariane 5. This was inclusive of the organisation’s survey of the market which provided confirmation of major trending in the configuration and sizes of payloads, plus the role of Arianespace in finalising the Ariane 6 project and the concordance that triggered the final authorisation by ministers at a European Space Agency meeting. He went on to say that Ariane 6 had many advantages including cooperation with the launcher family project of Arianespace, flexible payload lifts and a competitive launch pricing strategy.


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