HYLAS 4 contract completed by Avanti


Contracts have been completed by Avanti Communications to buy the satellite named HYLAS 4 and launch it. The craft will be developed by Orbital Science Corporation, who also constructed the spacecraft HYLAS 2, which up to now has performed above and beyond its original specified technological capabilities.

The satellite is planned to provide a capacity of 28gHz via 66 fixed beam positions throughout Europe and Africa. A portion of the capacity will form a provision for the expansion of existing trade; some will cover new territory while still remaining flexible enough to shift capacity between the differing markets. Additionally four navigable beams from the satellite could be used for coverage in such places as Africa or South America.

Arianespace will launch the satellite inside the 13-week time period which ends in April 2017.

The CEO of  Avanti, David Williams explained: “I am pleased to announce a continuation of a trusted and successful partnership with Orbital and Arianespace. The project is well financed and low risk. With commercial services expected to launch in 2017, Avanti has overwhelmingly the most powerful, broad and resilient Ka band coverage of Europe Middle East and Africa.  Now that we are successfully selling services to the biggest telecommunications and media companies in our region, we have improving visibility over how we will continue to activate the underlying market demand on a large scale. This satellite is designed based on the requirements those customers have given us. The investment sends a powerful signal to our customers about our commitment to serve them throughout the entire continent of Africa.”


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