IFC, Reduced Emissions to be offered by Boeing Lightweight Antenna and Panasonic


Panasonic Avionics and N&SS (Boeing Network and Space Systems) have struck up a partnership aimed at developing a broadband phased array antenna that is steered electronically for commercially operative airliners.

In-flight WiFi will be delivered by the antenna via the eXconnect broadband operation run by Panasonic and it will reduce fuel consumption and emissions via a stated 65% decrease in weight in comparison to equivalent units that are steered mechanically. The antenna will provide Ku-Band multicast TV and data services for the purpose of passenger IFC (In-Flight-Connectivity) and will have commercial availability by 2016. The vice president of C3 Solutions for Boeing N&SS, Paul Geery announced that the business will supply Panasonic with its Ku-band design as Boeing Technology’s sole licensee in order to design and manufacture the antenna and its system through the imminent agreement.


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