Irish Broadband Operator Onwave has Assets Bought by Satellite Solutions


PLC Tuesday, the Group operated by Satellite Solutions Worldwide announced that it has purchased the client database and the associated assets of Onwave, the Ireland-based satellite broadband operator for 900,000 Euros, the company’s first acquisition since May when it was listed on AIM. Onwave has over 2,300 business and residential clients, and Satellite predicts that this gives the company significant potential for expansion both overseas and domestically.

Satellite’s expectation is for the acquisition to immediately be earnings enhancing and stated that Onwave will be providing support services for twelve months, ensuring a smooth transfer of the client database. The satellite broadband operator also announced that it now has a two-year contract with RTE, the Irish national public service broadcasting organisation for the provision of Ka bandwidth throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.


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