Late 2017 planned by Luxembourg government and SES for satellite launch


An announcement today by SES revealed details of their plans for the launch of a satellite late in 2017 for use by governments as a joint venture with the government of Luxembourg. A company based in Luxembourg owned by the government of Luxembourg and SES jointly is earmarked for the ownership and operation of the new space vehicle.

The new venture would receive an investment of 50 million Euros from both SES and the government of Luxembourg, while simultaneously receiving a loan of 125 million Euros from a Luxembourg bank consortium as financing to secure the satellite’s development and launch. SES has planned for this investment within its capital expenditure budget. The space vehicle would take up a position within the arc over Europe, providing cover for Asia-pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

Luxembourg’s military frequency requirement for satellite communications would be met by the new satellite’s capacity. Governmental and defence requirements would also be met for institutional ad governmental clients by the satellite’s capacity. Dedicated military Ka-band and X-band military frequencies will be utilised by the satellite during multiple missions, supporting multiple projects through the provision of high powered spot beams that have full steerability.


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