NBN sends remote sites in to their orbit


A revolutionary system to support satellites delivering broadband internet services to remote areas of Australia has been introduced by NBN Co.

The company’s NSS system (NBN Satellite Support Scheme) will enable 9k sites to utilise a satellite broadband scheme that is subsidised, until NBN Co’s LTSS (Long Term Satellite Service) goes live.

New Satellite System Rolled Out

According to NBN its NSS has similarities with the scheme formerly supplied by the ABG (Australian Broadband Guarantee) and will subsidise satellite service providers who supply wholesale through providers of retail services.

It went on to state that end users with eligibility for the programme include residential users, small businesses, native community institutions and non-profiting institutions; also including educational, local council and health facilities.

The satellite support scheme will be available to all subscribers who have not been able to avail themselves of any commercially available broadband service, as identified by the BSL (Broadband Service Locator).

This strategy will make sure that subscribers in the most remote areas and therefore in the greatest need of access to broadband will be first to access the service, stated an NBN spokesman.

NBN went on to say that every eligible user will need to complete a registration with the company in order to get the service.

Properties which formally received a subsidised service or an ISS through the old ABG scheme will not have eligibility for the NSS.


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