New STMicroelectronics Demodulator Chip Enables Speedy Ka-Band Satellite Internet Provisioning


The first ever 500Mbaud HSR (High-Symbol-Rate) satellite demodulator chip has been announced by STMicroelectronics. Significantly increased Internet provisioning satellite throughput and increased bandwidth usage efficiency will be enabled by the STiD135 which will be deployed with its transponders aiming at utilisation of high frequency bands, sending data through Ka-band coms satellites.

The chip was designed to form part of CNES program, the space agency based in France and complies with DVB-S2 Annex-M1, DVB-S2X and DVB-S2, enabling the development of cost effective, quick access to broadband Internet through HTS (High Throughput Satellite) with performance levels equalling 4G, ADSL and fibre-optic networks, utilising universally accessible satellite signals.


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