Newtec’s technology to be utilised for e-learning through new satellite-powered tablet.


A report from Biztech Africa says that Yazmi – provider of satellite solutions – is to utilise the first ever tablet with satellite capabilities (Odyssey) for a new scheme based on e-learning. The scheme will combine the tablet with multicast technology provided by Newtec for content distribution to low income, remote and rural areas in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The aim of the end-to-end distribution scheme for content is to enhance the outcome of performances for teachers and students in regions where the Internet and computing infrastructure is weak.

Initial pilot runs of the system are being run in the sub-Sahara, Africa plus a 30,000-license run in India. The most recent trials are being operated at two South African schools, one in Heathfield, Western Cape ad the other in Rietkol, Mpumalanga Province. The report goes on to say that the service provided by Yazmi utilises the Asiastar and Afristar satellites’ data casting capabilities and the first ever tablet with genuine satellite capability to allow governments access to a dedicated channel for e-learning.


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