Nigeria: Privatisation of NIGOMSAT within 3 Years


NIGOMSAT (Nigeria Communications Satellite) will undergo privatisation within the next three years in order to deliver on its original established purpose and to enhance its effectiveness, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, the Minister of Communications Technology announced at Victoria Island’s Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos at the fourth ICT (4th Information and Communications Technology) Stakeholders Forum.

Mrs. Omobola stated that there will be a repositioning of NIGCOMSAT for increased profits prior to privatisation. In total it has forty transponders comprising: two redundant and two active L Band transponders, two redundant and four active C-Band transponders, four redundant and eight active KA-Band transponders plus two redundant and 14 active KU Band transponders. She highlighted the fact that governmental investment through generated revenue has been increased by NIGCOMSAT-1R through: the lease of its DTH (Direct to Homes) framework to strategic private partners, sales of broadband, C-Band and lease of its 5KU transponders.


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