Onlime will ‘Go Local’ in Expansion Strategy based in New Africa


During the course of this year German business coms service provider Onlime has prepared for African expansion through multiple significant purchases of capacity. The business, born out of a merger of Limeline Group and CET Teleport at the start of the year is utilising a combined framework of satellite and terrestrial services which are globally distributed.

“Following the restructuring and rebranding of the business that we went through earlier this year, we as an organization are now seeing a stronger inflow of opportunities to us, and the inquiries that we are getting are also much more concrete in terms of where enterprise customers are looking for business critical solutions…” commented Onlime’s CEO Paul Ziegler over a satellite hook up. He further reported that extra capacity would form the focus of Onlime’s future activity with HTS (High Throughput Satellites) satisfying the rising demand for fast connectivity. The businesses’s imminent operations will focus on establishing multiple sites throughout Africa.


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