Over 1000 SMEs to get Avanti Satellite Broadband Funded by South Africa


South Africa’s recently inaugurated business incubator framework, Microtelco e-ncubator, and its chamber of business, FABCOS (Foundation for African Business and Consumer Services) are to receive funds from the country’s DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) to receive Avanti Communications’ satellite broadband service.

The agreement will mark the provision to over one thousand SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) of high speed broadband by satellite. The Microtelco e-ncubator project operated by FABCOS is designed to foster small telecoms operations, for whom reliable connection forms a crucial element of daily business. Sectors such as agriculture, finance and retail will benefit from the broadband service.

The FABCOS national treasurer general and director of ICTGLOBE Technology Encubator Alan Campbell stated: “Access to broadband has become as important as any other utility for businesses here to succeed. Indeed, it is an integral part of our incubation offering to our members.”


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