Platforms opened up by Inmarsat to drive satellite connectivity


An announcement by Inmarsat details plans for its platforms to be opened up to developers as it strives towards its goal of the development of new technology. The organisation stated that it would like developers to innovate new methods of connections by air, sea and land.

The plan was revealed during the initial day of the first ever Developer Conference. “We recognise the constant need for people and things to be connected regardless of time or location. We have been providing global mobile connectivity for decades and want to leverage this position to facilitate the development of new applications, enhancing the way in which people interact with our technologies. Our new open technology approach, based on building blocks made easily available, will allow both new and existing partners to take advantage of our cutting edge technology, particularly Global Xpress, as a platform on which to build bespoke applications in new areas.” said Michele Franci, the company’s CTO.


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