Prospect of Lengthy “Spectrum Wars” Warned by Satellite Industry


The recent yearly Space and Satellite Regulatory Colloquium was the forum for comments made by observers concerning lengthy spectrum disputes made against land-based wireless businesses. Brian Olcott, one of solicitors Jones Day’s partners stated: “It is a spectrum war that is growing”.

Space News reported that satellite coms service providers and their customers are in opposition to the spectrum of satellite C-band being reassigned. Global VSAT Forum’s secretary general David Hartshorn explained that many customers of C-band, including aviation security firms, disaster response organisations and broadcasters have protested against the proposed spectrum reassignment. SES’s Kim Baum stated that his company supports a different item on the agenda of WRC that will see extra satellite system spectrum through Ku-band uplink. Technology consultants Huckworthy’s David Howgill added that providers of wireless services and the satellite system industry should resolve to work together to find ways of sharing spectrum as they are currently risking losing it in its entirety with no recompense.


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