Report on the government’s preparations for the third phase of the BDUK programme.


Two spokesmen connected with county councils in England have reported to ISPreview that preparations are being made by the current government in the UK to announce a third round of financing in connection with its (BDUK) Broadband Delivery UK project before the yearly autumn statement is made by the chancellor.

The statement is currently scheduled for delivery on 3rd December. The purpose of the third phase is to be instrumental in bringing high speed internet (faster or equal to 24mbs) connection to the final remaining five to eight percent of the country’s population. The initial phase of the BDUK was funded to the tune of £530m with the aim of connecting 90% of the UK’s population to superfast broadband within all local authority areas by the start of 2015.

The SEP (Superfast extension Scheme) formed a further second phase funded with £250m with the aim of raising the population coverage to 95% by 2017. According to government spokesmen a number of pilot projects are already being conducted to provide options to raise the coverage to over 95% of the population but none of the options have been confirmed to date.


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