Second O3b Satellite Demonstration Successfully Conducted by SES for the U.S. Government


Early in the month a second demonstration of the O3b satellite was hosted by SES GS (SES Government Solutions) in front of more than 50 U.S. Government clients in Bristow, Virginia at the company’s Washington Media port. Prior to this, an O3b demo had been conducted by SES Government Solutions last year at MacDill Air Force Base.

O3b and SES Government Solutions have combined, demonstrating cutting edge technologies aimed at delivering fibre-like satellite connections. “Using this next-generation capability, the U.S. Government will benefit from the high throughput and low latency O3b offers to support operations at national security flashpoints around the globe. Latency-sensitive cloud-based applications, as well as HD video streaming can all be supported quickly and affordably, even to forward deployed troops.”


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