SES: Astra 2G Satellite Launched


SES S.A. has declared that at 03:37:49 in Baikonur last night (December 27, 16:37:49 EST and 22:37:49 CET), the satellite ASTRA 2G was launched into orbit aboard an ILS Proton Breeze M booster. The mission, lasting 9 hours 12 minutes saw the proton rocket’s Breeze M upper stage perform a successful release into geostationary transfer orbit of the ASTRA 2G satellite. ASTRA 2G satellite will be stationed at the orbital arc of 28.2/28.5 degrees.

ADS (Airbus Defence and Space) built the satellite for SES. Based around the high reliability platform of the Eurostar E3000, the craft is carrying 62 transponders (Ku-band), and four Ka-band transponders. The satellite will facilitate in Africa, the Middle East and Europe next-generation broadband and broadcast service provisions. With the deployment of its solar arrays, the 6-ton satellite will have a 40 meter wingspan, to generate power of up to 13 kW during its expected lifetime of 15 years.


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