SwiftBroadband flight deck services take to the skies


Inmarsat announced the first successful installation and on-going trials of its ACARS1-capable SwiftBroadband (SB) Safety equipment on an Airbus A319. The article states that SB Safety enables the fast, efficient transfer of ACARS data messages over the SwiftBroadband link.

Installed in May this year, Inmarsat has been closely monitoring the system on board the aircraft. As well as ACARS, SB Safety also supports flight deck voice services and IP connectivity to the flight deck, enabling other flight operations and cockpit services, such as inflight updates to Electronic Flight Bags and Flight Data Recorder downloads.

It also supports aircraft position reporting and tracking, and voice transmission for Air Traffic Management communications. A range of terminal variants is available, ensuring SB Safety can meet the requirements of all aircraft types, from the largest passenger types to business jets.


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