Telefonica Brasil to invest in broadband satellite project


Telefonica Brasil will invest at least BRL 14.4 million in a satellite broadband project in North and Northeast Brazil, under the Special Taxation Regime for Broadband (REPNBL), reports Teletime. According to a decree published in the Official Gazette, the cities served are Juazeiro do Norte (Ceara), Imperatriz (Maranhao), Belem, Sao Luis, Boa Vista and Manaus.

According to the director of the department for Industry, Science and Technology of the Ministry of Communications department, Jose Gustavo Gontijo, the company will act through individual gateways and antennas that receive the satellite signal, which is then distributed by the terrestrial network. It is likely the service will be provided in partnership with Via Sat Brasil, which acquired from Media Networks (a Telefonica Group subsidiary) the marketing rights of the broadband service using the Ka-band of the Amazonas 3 satellite. The article notes that Via Sat acquired the Ka-band rights for the Eutelsat 3B satellite.


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