UAV Potential and Satellite Needs Debated by Multiple Industries


UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are experiencing growth as many companies look into advantages and potential of utilising them within their business operations. During the recent London-based Commercial UAV expo Satellite Today reported that since the majority of UAV-based systems utilise some elements of satellite technologies, the market is evidently experiencing growth within our niche and will play a pivotal role in the use of mainstream UAV.

An engineer working for UK ATC (U.K. Astronomy Technology Centre), Andy Vick explained: “The majority of the value of satellite-based commercial images is from the data. The real value is from the data, particularly in areas like agriculture. The real use of the data is tying everything up between satellites, UAVs, and ground systems, so you have this multi-faceted data.” he continued: “The spectrum available for UAVs is quite limited. For UAVs, it is going to have to be satellite-based communications. It is going to have to be the international organizations to set this up… I know there are several programs at the European Space Agency (ESA) looking at UAVs. I don’t know of any industry involvement with those. It is important for people to get involved in [building]a large community.”


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