UK Space Award Winner


A precious global prize for space has been awarded to a Bridport resident for his landmark efforts in the field of communications by satellite broadband.

Macdonald, Dettwiler and Associates’ director of advanced programs, Peter Garland gained the Aerospace Communications Award from the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics).

Mr Garland worked within a Canadian team developing HF satellite broadband communication systems when he was acknowledged by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

This has become the conventional process utilized in mobile communication systems when using cell phone and portable equipment apps, and browsing the web – particularly in locations with weak signals.

Mr Garland was previously employed by Dorchester Radio, but then moved on to Birmingham and Canada where he joined SPAR Aerospace, which was later rebranded to MDA.

Second only to Arthur C Clarke as Brits who won the prize, he is scheduled to receive his award at a high profile event in San Diego

Mr Garland added: “I am very pleased to have won this award, being included in the same bracket as Arthur C Clarke is an honour, but memories of my home town and the locations I have visited are what I cherish most.”

An AIAA spokesperson added that the reason for Mr Garland’s award was for “contributions that are both management and technical towards the progression of ground and space technologies.

Mr Garland fondly recounted his earlier life in Bridport as a member of football team Chideock. He and his wife still visit the town frequently.

When interviewed by the Bridport News, he said “I am fortunate that I still have great friends from my time with Chideock Football team, they are still important to me. They taught me about teamwork and loyalty, qualities I still pass on to young workers to this day.


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