Unfavourable Market does not Stop Hispasat from Seeing Steady Revenue.


Hispasat, the Spain-based telecoms service provider, experienced flat income revenues in 2014, $230m in total which is approximately equal to the £229m taken in the preceding fiscal year. The provider regards these steady revenues as an encouraging development considering the depressed economy in Spain along with some negatively viewed developments, for example the discrepancy observed on the Amazonas 4A satellite, which served to decrease available capacity of the satellite, delaying its commercial release.

Negative rates of exchange during most of the year and the downward trend of European market demand, plus price cutting and capacity returns all served to complicate the situation further, reported Hispasat. Regardless of the negative developments, the organisation continued its expansion into the North American, Central American and Latin American markets throughout the previous fiscal year, generating revenues of $136m through rentals of space capacity, increasing 2013 statistics by 9%. Additional market capacity was also made available by Hispasat at 55.5 degrees west, which came as a result from a deal with Intelsat.


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